Amol Pawar

Founder Consultant, Nuest

Amol is the founder consultant of Nuest. He has more than 16 years of professional experience. He has diverse experience of working as HR leader in various roles and has been an entrepreneur and business leader. He has worked with multinationals, family owned businesses and start-ups across sectors like Manufacturing, Retail, IT, ITES and Hospitals. He has keen interest in Organization Development (OD) and HR Technology.

Amol has worked to co-create organization development interventions in companies to help improve productivity and profitability of the business. He has worked on organization development interventions like Leadership development, technology implementations and even organization re-design.

Amol’s interest and experience with HR technology goes back to 2004 when he first championed and implemented digitization of various HR processes. Since then he has designed and implemented HR systems and has helped companies select and implement the right technology tools for their businesses especially in HR.

Amol loves to work at the intersection of organization development and HR technology to leverage his logical and creative sides by designing solutions and ensuring they deliver the expected results.