Arnay Agarwal

Founder, eReadingShala

Arnay is a two times TEDx speaker. As a TEDx Speaker he shared the stage with Ms P.V. Sindhu), author, writer, journalist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, Podcaster, and philanthropist at a young age of 12. He is also a regular invitee at Tedx, Schools, Colleges, Organizations. He has given two Ted Talks and more are lined up in upcoming months.

Arnay has been featured in various mainstream newspapers and magazines for his achievements. Featured in Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India, Brainfeed, Education World, CFN, Mad4India, Indykids USA and many more for his work.

Please check Arnay's website for a quick glance at his profile (The website is a work in progress, however, it's sufficient for a quick glance.

He has been invited by various organizations for public speaking for inspiring and motivating the audience. He is also well known for his soft skill talks. Invited by ( Edutalk Magazine, Brainfeed magazine, Whitecanvas, New Delhi, Trainers Club, New Delhi, TTC, Pune, and Institute of science and technology, Gwalior, SkillShark, Pune, SheSpace, Bangalore, etc, All India Radio, Radio Mirchi). He is a independent soft skill trainer. He gives talks at various schools, colleges and organizations. He gives talks on topics such as attitude of gratitude, anger management, how to be multi-talented, how to become a storyteller, how to stay positive, mantra of life, Early Entrepreneurship, how to be an avid book reader, pursuit of passion and many more.

In Short :

Multitalented | Child Prodigy | Youngest Soft Skill Trainer | Youngest writer and Journalist | |India’s Youngest Podcaster with 23 K Listens | Winner of Top 20 Influencer Awards 2021 | 2 times TEDx Speaker, shared the stage with MS P.V. Sindhu | Youngest reporter at Times of India | Reporter at American Newspaper Indykids USA| Life Coach at MIT Square | Founder of The Talk Bar - Empowering young achievers | Founder of eReadingShala - Read Children Read mission | Founder of StoryLOK- The Storytelling Society of India - Powering storytelling among youth | Author of 3 books | Book Reviewer | Youngest Entrepreneur | 100 + published fictions | High- Speed Reader | Conducted Soft Skill Training sessions at many Schools and Colleges | Author of 3 Books


  • Arnay is a TEDx Where he shared the stage with Ms P.V.Sindhu.
  • Arnay received the most prestigious Top 20 Influencer Awards 2021
  • Arnay is the youngest soft skill trainer for various Has given trainings at, Anand school of Excellence, Ahmedabad, Trainers Club and TTC based in Pune, Institute of science and technology, Gwalior, GH Raisoni Public School Jalgaon, Suchitra Academy, Hyderabad, Singhania School, Thane, and many more. Highly appreciated and recommended by Schools and Colleges for his Public speaking and soft skill sessions. Arnay was highly appreciated for his public speaking and training sessions by these organizations as well.
  • Arnay is a 12 year old youngest child reporter for Times Of India, Student Edition who is taking interviews of various personalities and have a dedicated column in the TOI School edition for these interview
  • At a yount age of 12, Arnay is a junior Journalist and reporter for Indykids Newspaper based in the USA, a junior journalist and reporter for Brainfeed magazine, India
  • Arnay is the founder of The Talk Bar, where he interviews young achievers’ children (6-18 years) who are especially talented or working for the welfare of the society and have achieved greater (Meet Awesome Achievers with Arnay Agarwal). Arnay is Woking towards inspire and motivate youth.
  • Arnay is a writer and author for Brainfeed Magazine, he has published various stories and Articles in Brainfeed
  • He has written around 100 Articles and Stories that are published in various reputed mainstream newspapers and magazines in India, the United Kingdom, United States of
  • Published He has written 3 books. Available on Amazon.
  • He has a Reading speed of 650 words per minute. (Average reading speed of an 11 to 14-year-old is 150 to 200 WPM, Average adult reading speed is 300 WRM)
  • He is the founder of StoryTelling Society of India.( Promotes storytelling in India among youth). Empowering youth through
  • He is the founder of eRedaingShala. ( Promotes book-reading habits among Also promotes speed book reading). Empowering Youth through Book Reading.
  • He runs a podcast named ' Ek Kahani Arnay ki Jubani' it has 23000 Listens ( Youngest Child Podcaster of India to receive 23000 Listens)
  • Runs a Public Speaking Teaches public speaking to a batch of 10 kids.
  • Arnay has been invited to give talks and been interviewed by various organizations. (All India Radio, Edutalk, Brainfeed, Whitecanvas, Trainers Club, TTC, Institute of science and technology, Gwalior, Radio Mirchi, etc).
  • Featured in Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India, Brain feed, Education World, CFN, and many