David Jones

Co-Founder & CEO, The Talent Enterprise

As Co-Founder and CEO at The Talent Enterprise, David Jones heads up business growth and expansion efforts across global markets, and is instrumental in leading key client relationships across the organisation. He is also the driving force behind the company’s research and innovation efforts to identify future human capital priorities.

With over 34 years of human capital experience, of which 26 years are within the Middle East, he has worked with clients in over 40 countries on a broad range of talent, leadership, assessment, performance, transformation, innovation and inclusion projects. He is experienced in using a wide variety of psychometric instruments.

Jones holds an undergraduate degree from the University of York, Post-Graduate Degree from University of West England, Executive MBA from University of Bradford and PhD from University of Leicester. He also participated in a leadership programme in London Business School and is qualified with the British Psychological Society at both Level A and Level B.

With a background in labour market economics, Jones is a senior advisor to policy makers and organisational leaders on their most pressing human capital priorities. He regularly lectures at universities across the globe, including the University of Cambridge – UK, the European School of Management and Technology – Berlin, and the University of Bradford – UK.

Jones recently published his latest book, "The Future of Assessments" adding to his collection of books that include the best-selling ‘Unlocking the Paradox of Plenty’ and award-winning ‘Game Changers’. He has also contributed to books such as ‘Employment and Career Motivation in the Gulf States’ by Gerlach, ‘The Political Economy of Wasta’ by Springer and ‘Policy Making in the GCC’ by IB Tauris. Forthcoming publications include research contributions to volumes on the changing social contract in Saudi Arabia; an international perspective on happiness and positive psychology; and an edited volume on ‘The Future of Labour Market Reform in the GCC’ by Gerlach Press.

Jones is a self-confessed bike fanatic and thinks any car is "essentially a tin box with a wheel in each corner". He is proud to say that he has never owned a car, although he currently owns a total of seven bicycles and 13 motorbikes.