Dr. Varadharaju Janardhanan

Vice President HR, Flipkart

Dr. Varadharaju is a seasoned global HR Leader with over 27 years of industry experience. His work in human capital development spans large structured, mature multinational corporations and global start-ups that are solving for scale. Currently, he is associated with Flipkart as Vice President HR. He has a triple master’s degree in Chemistry, HR and Marketing Management. He has recently been received “Global TOP 25 HR Influencers Awards” by RefineEX. In addition, he has been awarded as TOP 50 HR Tech Leaders in India by Asia Pacific HRM Congress for his exemplary work in the field of Human Capital Management, Fabulous 101 HR Leader and few more. His contributions are not just restricted to building organizations for scale, but also contributing back to the larger HCM and student community. He is also a certified executive coach and coach early-stage tech start-up founders for scale.