Faye D’Souza

Journalist & Entrepreneur

Faye D’Souza is an award winning journalist, who has changed the way news is covered on Indian Television by focusing the audience’s attention on the issues that matter to the citizens rather than those that fuel the emotions of partisan debates. Faye’s calm, researched style of hosting news shows prioritizes information over opinion.

Her focus on accountability of government, responsible taxation, safety of women and children, education, health and urban development has also resulted in several policy changes that have proven that a journalist can still bring about improvements in the status quo.

Faye is the journalist of the millennials – young, fresh and brutally honest.

Faye was the youngest woman journalist in India to have led a national news channel as its Executive Editor. Post her exit from television, Faye has begun her entrepreneurial journey and will soon launch her own digital news platform -targeted at the young, urban Indian audience