John Kallelil

Founder & CEO, XED

John Kallelil, Founder and CEO, XED understands that we live in a complex world, full of paradoxes and contradictions. In a world marred by information overload and digital overkill, clarity becomes power. It is with this intent that he founded XED in 2015 to enable individuals and organizations to lead with clarity, order, and purpose. Armed with this vision and two decades’ worth of expertise in the Banking and EdTech industries, he launched XED to empower leaders who aspire to drive change and create a positive impact.

XED is a leading provider of executive education in the Middle East, Far East, LATAM and South Asia. Catering to the niche segment of senior leaders, XED offers open and custom programs for individuals and organizations. XED partners with top-class Ivy League universities to offer high-impact programs in strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, digital, and finance, delivered by world-renowned faculty. Leveraging technology and immersive learning formats, XED has empowered more than 15,000 senior leaders from diverse organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and global brands.

In just a couple of years, John fulfilled his vision of becoming the region’s largest provider of executive education for organizations and senior leaders. John has an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

A firm advocate of decentralizing and democratizing education, John realized the worth and value of filling the executive skills gap with continuous learning programs that go beyond conventional educational approaches. John drives XED with a passion to empower senior leaders across the board with high-impact learning initiatives.

When he is not working, John enjoys loves spending time with his family and interacting with his peers and network of academic experts. John is also an avid reader devouring non-fiction and fiction with equal gusto. A squash enthusiast, he tries to fit some sport into his daily regimen to stay mentally and physically agile. He thrives on the adrenaline rush of delivering high-impact educational programs to individuals and organizations, and the ability to influence the future of work. He believes that technology and digital are at the heart of educational disruption. His mantra is to offer access to high-quality education from across the globe, leveraging technology to revolutionize the way people learn, earn and lead the future.