Kiran Bedi

Social Entrepreneur

Kiran Bedi is the first woman to have joined the officer ranks of Indian Police Service in 1972.

She is the 24th Lt Governor of Puducherry and has served the United Nations as Civilian Police Advisor in Peace Keeping Operations.

She is a Ph.D. from IIT Delhi with a post-doctoral Nehru Fellowship. She is an author of several books - the latest being ‘Fearless Governance’.

She is an Asian tennis champion, a winner of the Gallantry Award and the Magsaysay Award also known as Asia’s Nobel Peace Award. She has a biopic on her life called Yes Madam Sir, made by Megan Doneman, an Australian.

She founded Navjyoti India Foundation and India Vision Foundation which serve the under privileged in rural, urban areas and in prisons for last 30 years.

Her latest book Fearless Governance is based on ground realities as she saw serving as the Lt Governor Puducherry released by Ms Indra Nooyi and Prof Debashish Chatterjee. They called it a blueprint for Good Governance cutting across leadership qualities for both the private and public sector.