Krishna Raghavan

Chief People Officer, Flipkart

Krishna Raghavan is the Chief People Officer at Flipkart. He and his team are responsible for designing and driving initiatives to attract and retain world-class talent, build competencies for the workforce while also strengthening Flipkart’s culture.

Krishna took over the role at a crucial juncture for Flipkart - to shape the organizations' people charter for the long-term. He laid out Flipkart's commitment to being inclusive, entrepreneurial & sustainable while focusing on employee experience.

Amidst a raging pandemic that hit the globe almost as soon as he took over, Krishna was faced with the unprecedented challenge of balancing a keen focus on the well being of employees while also ensuring that the country's wheels of commerce continue to stay in motion.

His leadership in steering the company through this time has been nothing short of exemplary and has earned him the respect of leaders across the organization as well as the larger HR community.

Prior to his current role, Krishna has been the Technology Head for Flipkart’s Fulfilment and Services, and Customer Experience Groups. In the course of his tenure at Flipkart, he has also spearheaded the launch of the marketplace platform and has led multiple strategic technology initiatives for Ekart. Aside from his strong technical expertise, he is also known to be a people’s leader. A leader who brings with him the right blend of technical and people skills, he has built exemplary engineering teams from scratch with his intuitive people management and sound organisational planning.

With a career spanning over two decades, Krishna is adept at managing cross-functional teams. He has worked across diverse geographies and work cultures and is known to be an active champion of driving a people-first culture in organisations.