Kshitiz Sachan

Process Coach - Performance Management, Keka

For over a decade, Kshitiz has been at the forefront of helping businesses achieve remarkable growth by designing and implementing effective talent management processes. His expertise in identifying and developing the right talent has helped hundreds of organizations across the globe to achieve 10x growth.

Kshitiz is a strong advocate of purpose-driven and trust-based leadership, and he has helped organisations to replace outdated command-based models with more effective approaches. He understands that great leaders inspire and empower their teams to achieve their full potential, and he has helped countless individuals and teams to do just that.

With his extensive experience as a performance coach, Kshitiz has worked with a wide range of organizations, from small startups to large multinational corporations, across multiple industries. His insights and expertise have helped to transform the performance of teams and individuals, unlocking their full potential and driving success.