Marc Abdo

Managing partner, Digital Revamp

Marc Abdo is the Managing Partner at Digital Revamp, a leading American creative marketing and advertising agency. Over the past 12 years, he has built extensive business development and digital marketing experience as he worked with some of the largest brands in the MENA region, including P&G, Hasbro and Transmed.

His role encompasses coaching team members, managing international operations and building effective digital strategies for government entities, nonprofits, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. He further provides guidance to C-level executives on digital storytelling, online strategy integration, executive personal branding, and paid media.

Marc is also an experienced Ads and Aviation strategist, managing Digital Revamp’s latest collaboration with ICAO, a United Nations agency dedicated to the development of aviation capacity through digital news, features and advertising platforms.

Marc is a great communicator and workshop facilitator, training over 5000 people on the best social media practices. He has also been invited to numerous podcasts and speaking engagements during which he delved deep into relevant and insightful industry subjects, such as current marketing strategies, the psychological aspects of marketing, social media algorithms and AI.

A glimpse into Marc's previous speaking engagements:

  • Korea Trade Center in Dubai
  • ACTED – Communications and Advocacy Officer
  • Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club
  • Dubai TV: Social Media Algorithms and Their Impact on Our Daily Life
  • The Brainpod podcast: The Psychology of Marketing
  • The Absurde. Podcast: Revealing Marketing Secrets You Relate To