Musthafa PC

CEO & Co-founder

One brilliant mind can inspire a million more.

But not all brilliant minds have great stories to share. Stories of struggle, hard work, passion and determination - that finally lead to success. The one who does, often becomes a role model for the next few generations.

A native of Wayanad, this young man is an inspiration to many minds who’re in search of success. Be it in the world of start-ups or even life in general. Because he believes that nothing’s bigger than the power of determination.

He is today, the owner of a 4000-crore business empire. But he wasn’t always that. He was once a student who dropped out of school, a son who helped his father in daily labour, an alumni who made his college proud and an entrepreneur who paved his way to the top, while chasing a dream.

PC Musthafa, famously known as the batter king is the Founder, CEO of iD Fresh Food. A brand that’s loved across India and abroad. A revolution in the fresh food market in India.