Naganagouda S J


With a career spanning over two decades, Naganagouda S J has built, upscaled and driven sustainable HR ecosystems & anchored organizational changes. His experience sprawls across sustaining established brands, handling multicultural talent in international forays as well as setting up an entire HR function including people, processes, policies and tools, and running it successfully.

Naganagouda believes in the cumulative power of individual strengths. In an increasingly M2M world, he spends time and effort in bringing back the human chain in business. Having spent 20+ years working in diverse environments and geographies, his efforts continue to focus on providing a learning environment for people. He also mentors’ business leaders and to-be leaders to be people focused.

Naganagouda’s focus is on creating effective leadership by helping organizations define what good leadership means, enabling people develop leadership skills, creating systems, processes and policies that support good leadership and creating conditions in which the value of leadership is recognized.

Having grown an organisation from 100 to 10,000 people, he likes to stay at the core of action. Creating a fit-for-purpose HR function and leading it to deliver success for the business is my mantra. In essence, he is still in the pursuance of that perfect combination of Head, Heart and Brain Power.