Pooja Chadha

Founder & CEO, ExtraMile Play

An ingenious entrepreneur, Pooja Bajaj Chadha, is the Founder of ExtraMile Engagement Pvt. Ltd., a company with a progressive approach aimed at revamping employee journeys within an organization with their innovative and vibrant solutions. Leading to create a compelling work culture and manager-team relationships, Bajaj truly believes in the vision to flourish employee engagements and bonding to the core.

A seasoned marketing and business management enthusiast, Pooja is known for essaying several prominent roles in the field of Marketing in India. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Pooja has closely worked for known brands in the country like, L'Oreal, Xpotential UK, and Philip Morris. Driven by her passion and further moved to pursuing her love for entrepreneurship. Under her leadership, ExtraMile has been focusing relentlessly to bridge the gap between employee performance and productivity by providing striking engagement activities and environment for corporates and agencies.

Proven mettle in understanding the nuances of people and business, Pooja led ExtraMile to venture and productize the parent company into a virtual platform - ExtraMile Play established in 2021. Backed with the pillar of bonding and camaraderie to revolutionize the employee engagement ecosystem, ExtraMile Play is the flag bearer of online gamified learning, team and skill building offerings for interactive engagement of employees.

Pooja heads a team of 30 members based in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Nashik, Bangalore and Goa who share the same passion, enthusiasm and believe in making the workplace better with employee-paced, new-age technologies, better communication and engagement. She has completed her postgraduate degree in marketing and business management from Warwick Business School, United Kingdom and truly enjoys Tennis and CrossFit in her leisure time.