S. Sivakumar

Group Head - Agri & IT Businesses

Mr Sivakumar is a Member of the Corporate Management Committee of ITC Limited and oversees the Group’s Agri and IT Businesses. He also holds responsibility for ITC’s Sustainability and Social Investments Programmes.

A global exemplar in Sustainability, ITC is the only enterprise in the world of comparable dimensions to be carbon-positive, water-positive and solid waste recycling positive for nearly two decades now. ITC’s value chains support over 6 million sustainable livelihoods.

Sivakumar is well known as the architect of ITC e-Choupal, the pioneering farmer empowerment initiative that benefits over 4 million small farmers through customised agri-extension and market linkage services, while providing a unique source of competitive advantage to ITC's packaged foods business.

Currently in its Version 4.0, ITC e-Choupal integrates a range of partners such as government agencies, farm input companies and agritech startups on a farmer-centric phygital platform titled ITCMAARS.

Sivakumar is the Chairman of the National Agriculture Council of the Confederation of Indian Industry. He also serves on several committees of the Government of India.

Topper of the Class of 1983 from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), Sivakumar served a farmers' cooperative for six years before joining ITC in 1989. He can be reached at @S_Sivakumar on X (formerly Twitter)