Sanjev Vaid

Managing Director - HR, Natwest

Sanjev is an HR profession with 20+ years of experience and has led HR teams in varies life-cycles of the organisations includingstart ups, turn around and high risk environment across industries like telecom, healthcare, hospitality and banking - each one with unique challenges and needs. He supports various start-ups as an adviser, angle investor and on board. He is a strong believer in application of technology, leading digital transformation through wider adoption, and retaining human touch at key touch points.
He is a certified Job Evaluator, Trainer in areas of Process and Quality Education, Lead ISO auditor. Certified Talent Assessor by Hogan and PCC level Coach. He is passionate about mental well-being in today’s context and human psychology. Inclusion, human rights and economic parity are key areas that he believes in.

Currently, he is Managing Director – HR withNatwestGroup leading Rewards & Employment for India.