Shilpa Subramaniam

Co-Founder and Director, The Learning Gym

With a background in psychology, Shilpa Subramaniam has been in the learning space for more than a decade. After having worked in multiple HR roles across sectors from manufacturing to architecture. Shilpa found her niche in designing and facilitating learning interventions. At “The Learning Gym”, a company which she co-founded, Shilpa addresses the different learning challenges faced by learning professionals in both the corporate and education sectors. She channels her years of experience in the Learning and Development field, into diagnosing, designing and facilitating learning interventions across the globe.

When it comes to the High Performance Learning Journey methodology, Shilpa believes that it helps create a paradigm shift in how we think about designing training programs by putting ensuring that every design element is performance and business focused. She has designed for and consulted with clients globally, implementing the HPLJ methodology to create robust and impactful leaning journeys which drive behavioural change which are business relevant.

Shilpa truly believes that she can help learning professionals stretch, tone and build their learning muscles.

Having lived and worked across continents, Shilpa enjoys immersing herself in different cultures and learning about the nuances of what makes the culture click. When she’s on a break from being a workaholic, she enjoys kick-boxing and running. Exploring local cuisines is a life-long obsession which Shilpa continues to nurture.