Shruti Swaroop

Founder, EMBRACE Consulting

With over two decades of international Human Resources management experience across US, UK, and India, Shruti Swaroop brings a global perspective to her Inclusion interventions, coaching practices, and consulting engagements.

Shruti's journey towards creating Inclusive workspaces began back in London, UK when she worked with people and organisations towards creating a culture of acceptance. Today she has worked with over 30 organisations across the globe, over 20,000 people, to create awareness about the various nuances of Inclusion, Belonging, and Psychological Safety.

Shruti is a TEDX speaker and shares her thoughts on various aspects of leadership and culture. Her focus is to create a culture that enables people to find happiness at work, thus benefiting people and organisations alike. Her coaching and inclusion framework - EMBRACEĀ® which stands on the pillars of uniqueness, belonginess and psychological safety enables individuals and organisations to move to the next level of clarity and acceptance. This model has been published by Springer Nature in their book on Diversity, Inclusion. Shruti runs "Find Your Voice Campaign" which focuses on creating awareness about Emotional Abuse and Mental Well-Being. She also teaches HR & OB at various B schools.