Ajay Trehan

CEO & Founder, AuthBridge

Ajay Trehan, Founder & CEO, AuthBridge, is a veteran of building and operating successful businesses. His foresight and logical bent of mind have contributed to his success as has his ability to listen to his gut timely. The former enabled his decision to get hands-on corporate experience before he chased his dream to be an entrepreneur while the latter empowered his leap of faith to leave a distinguished corporate career to pursue his passion. Ajay envisioned AuthBridge while working on CORE BPO, his joint venture in business process outsourcing, catering to the global real estate industry. The trust deficit experienced by his global clients in conducting business in India led him to build AuthBridge in 2005. Ajay has led the organization through many phases of innovation and business transformation since. From a pioneer in background screening to India’s largest authentication technology company, AuthBridge’s journey has been Ajay’s journey too. Ajay is passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs. He is on the Advisory team of several start-ups, lending his guidance in helping them evolve and scale. Actively associated with NASSCOM and TIE, you can find him sharing his thoughts on innovation, process and business transformation, and trust infrastructure – subjects very close to his heart. PS: Yes, he has it – A Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi. Plus, he is a certified ISO 9001 auditor.