Radha Ahluwalia

Independent Director Chairperson, New Code of Work Awards Former Managing Director, IMA India

For over two and a half decades, Radha Ahluwalia has created and led industry leadership networks across the country centred on the creation of independent economic and business insight. A renowned name in India’s business leadership community, Mrs Ahluwalia’s perspective on the Indian economy, its socio-political landscape and on business best practices has informed the views of global Boards and Indian industry leaders. For a decade and a half, Mrs Ahluwalia curated and chaired over 120 discussions among CEOs, CFOs, CHROs and CMOs each year, forming bridges of interaction within industry and among government and industry.

After a career spanning two decades at IMA and previously at the World Bank, Mrs Ahuwalia now lends her time selectively to guide start ups and is closely involved with community development and social responsibility initiatives.