Shri. Suresh Prabhu

India's Sherpa to G20 & G7 Member of Parliament Government of India, New Delhi

Shri Suresh Prabhu is known as a man of action, having a penchant for undertaking reforms, scripting turnarounds and achieving superlative results by working in mission mode. An advocate for decisive growth-driven change, he is well respected for his impeccable integrity, passion and commitment towards society at large.

He is currently India’s Sherpa to G20 & G7. A Member of Parliament for Government of India. A former Minister of Railways, A former Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation.

Featured among the top three Indian leaders of the future by Asia Week magazine, Hong Kong in its cover story “Giant on the Move,” he has been guided by the dream and mission to balance the needs of human development while preserving the fragile environment. Constantly featured in the list of top five ministers in India from 2014-2017 in terms of both performance and accessibility in nation-wide surveys.

Shri Suresh Prabhu is Official emissary of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in the G7 & G20 forums. He has been one of the key persons in shaping the official agenda of the Government of India on key issues for G7 & G20 Summit; in a short span he has engaged with global leaders/thinkers and has led delegations across the globe.

As the Minister for Commerce and Industry, he has highlighted areas – such as trade promotion, investment promotion, boosting domestic manufacturing and institutionalizing evidence informed policy making – where a focused approach will be adopted. From Introducing an Agriculture Export Policy, setting up Investment War Room, implementation plan for Make in India 2.0 and setting up a Data Analytics Unit are some of the steps being taken to address each of the areas.

He has served as the Minister for Railways. Under his leadership, Railways transformed from a slow-moving behemoth into a fast, responsive organization. A complaint resolution mechanism through social media, innovative project financing by leveraging extra budgetary resources, quantum jump in infrastructure creation and integrating sustainability into the core strategy of Railways are just some of his successes.

He is well known for his easy accessibility to the public, which not only acts as a deterrent to bureaucratic delays and corruption in the functioning of his Ministry, but also encourages new ideas and viewpoints. He is also a believer in people’s participation in the working of the Ministries under him, especially through the involvement of different stakeholders.

Some lesser known facts about him is that he has been an entrepreneur, banker par excellence.
He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and was the youngest chairman of one of the largest cooperative banks. His life has also been devoted to worthy social causes. He has related to over 150 social & cultural organizations.