Ankur Sardana

Founder, Nautankibaaz Improv Collective Design Head, Tata Digital

Ankur has always been enamored by storytelling and was a part of amateur theatre for the longest time, till he discovered 'improv'. His journey in improv is a 6 year old passionate pursuit into community building. A community which is based on empathy, play, opportunity and sticking to one's personality. He firmly believes that improv has a lot of answers to tough societal questions that we face currently.

Ankur is an NID (National Institute of Design) and CBS (College of Business Studies) alumnus. He got most of his initial improv chops in Seattle at the Unexpected Productions, where he completed all the six levels of learning improv under Randy Dixon. He has trained in Spolin Theatre Games with Gary Shwartz and Aretha Sills. Beyond the regular classes, he has trained in workshops under Jay Sukow, Johnathan Pitts, Patti Stiles, Dave Razowsky and Naveen Kaushik.