Anshu Daga

Founder, The Inner Startup, Artistic Director, Roots & Wings Theatre Coach & Performer, Nautankibaaz Improv Collective

Anshu facilitates experiential interventions using a unique blend of interactive learning and mindfulness to help organisations and individuals enhance and improve their productivity and overall well-being. Prior to establishing The Inner Startup in 2015, Anshu worked for 15 years in the corporate world as a Creative and Strategic Communications specialist. The Inner Startup works with organisations and individuals towards building more energised, empowered and emotionally intelligent communities, using techniques from theatre, mindfulness and holistic healing systems.

A creative entrepreneur and performing arts enthusiast, Anshu is trained in Forum Theatre under Adrian Jackson in London and Barbara Santos in Berlin. She runs a theatre group in her city called Roots and Wings theatre and has written and directed several plays on social issues. Anshu also runs a Playback Theatre group in her city. Her group has been performing online since the last one and half years.

Anshu is a Coach and Performer with Nautankibaaz Improv Collective. She has also been a performer with The Nursery UK, Online House Team and a Performer with Dogface Improv, based in Norwich, UK, for their online production Creatures.