Dr. Bindu K Nambiar


Dr. Bindu has a unique blend of corporate and academic experience that has shaped her professional journey. She has deep passion for academics has been a driving force behind her achievements. She has been awarded the prestigious AIMA Accredited Management Teacher in Marketing, which recognises her commitment to excellence after more than two decades of experience in management teaching, consulting, and corporate training.

Throughout her career, Dr. Bindu has actively pursued opportunities to contribute to the field of research. Her work has been published in numerous national and international journals.

Dr. Bindus’s research interests revolve around the dynamic areas of CRM in the services sector, applying Neuromarketing strategies to enhance the branding of locally manufactured/homegrown products, and driving sustainability in business through the lens of societal marketing. Exploring these subjects not only fuels her curiosity but also allows her to make a meaningful impact in her professional sphere.

In addition to her research endeavours, she proudly serves as a member of the Editorial & Reviewer Board of Business Perspectives and Research (ISSN: 2278– 5337). Being part of this esteemed board has granted her the opportunity to contribute to the scholarly community, shape academic discourse, and help bring valuable insights to the forefront.

She is constantly motivated by the pursuit of knowledge and the desire to make a difference in the field of marketing. Connecting with like-minded professionals who share the same passion for academic excellence and innovative marketing practices is something she looks forward to.