Kameshwari Rao

Global Chief People Officer, Publicis Sapient

Kameshwari Rao is the Global Chief People Officer, chartered to lead the People Success function (Human Resources) at Publicis Sapient globally.

Kameshwari’s 35+ years of leadership experience and deep expertise in working closely and strategically with people, combined with her passion for innovation and collaboration, is foundational to the culture at Publicis Sapient. Having witnessed the evolution of HR function and its transformation into today’s digital world, Kameshwari has successfully leveraged a combination of both strategic leadership as well as cultural diversity and inclusion to make Publicis Sapient a trusted and future-ready organization.

Kameshwari began her career with the Tata Group of companies, where she was instrumental in setting up an office in Bangalore – a rare achievement for women in the 80s. Her journey from finance to HR began in 2001 when she joined Publicis Sapient as a senior associate. Her determination, perseverance, and passion enabled her to rise from an entry-level position to a global leadership role.

Kameshwari's leadership style is focused on creating a holistic people experience that promotes an equitable workforce and a happy and thriving environment. She championed this ideology at Publicis Sapient by introducing people 'Happiness Index' to enable the company to listen to what their people expect from the organization. Factoring in the feedback, she instituted a fresh and dynamic approach to performance evaluations that centered around the individual and addressed all dimensions of their growth experience.

Kameshwari's journey serves as a notable example of an inspiring C-suite leader who shattered glass ceilings and broke down barriers to reach the top. Her orientation to fearlessness and having a point of view, combined with her relentless work ethic and continuous learning, has made a positive impact in the lives of those she leads.