Nathan Figg

CEO, Woliba

"Nathan Figg is the founder and CEO of Woliba - a corporate wellness company that prioritizes Work Life Balance for employees.

Nathan is a lifelong fitness enthusiast who brings a competitive spirit to every sport he’s loved: basketball, soccer, running, swimming and bmx riding are the top five. He became a master personal trainer to help others harness the benefits of movement and nutrition. But he was always itching to find a way to have a bigger impact.

In 2014, he launched Woliba when he noticed that his corporate clients weren’t as passionate about helping their employees as he was. So, he decided to build a wellness and engagement platform with a mission to transform company culture. Woliba has since become a leader in the corporate wellness space by offering more HR software tools and resources than our competitors. And, unlike companies that are there to check a box, Woliba prides itself on taking a holistic approach to wellbeing and creating original and innovative content with an in-house wellness team.

Woliba also embraces service and sacrifice as a core value - providing discounts for non-profits and educational organizations. This has always been a driving force for Nathan who joined the Army National Guard after the September 11th attacks and served as a combat veteran in Iraq and Afghanistan"