Marjorie Morrison

CEO & Co-Founder, Psych Hub

Marjorie Morrison is the CEO and co-founder of Psych Hub, the world’s largest mental health education platform. A visionary and passionate pioneer in the mental health space, Morrison co-founded Psych Hub with Patrick J. Kennedy to connect people with best-in-class online education for mental health practitioners, allies, and consumers to learn more about some of our Nation’s most vexing mental health challenges. In her current role, Morrison is reimagining behavioral health through intentional and thoughtful design. By leveraging the digital space and combining clinical research with the art of storytelling, her mission is to provide engaging, evidence-based content on mental health that is easily accessible to everyone.

Psych Hub’s fast-growing audience of learners has had over 10 million views on their content, developed over 1000 educational assets, and gained over 800 partners along the way. These committed partners, spanning the range of Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, universities, and non-profits, create not only a powerful distribution network but also share a common belief in the efficacy of Psych Hub’s content.

Prior to launching Psych Hub, Morrison was the founder and CEO of PsychArmor Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, committed to bridging the military-civilian divide by developing, promoting, and distributing free online courses covering a wide range of topics important to those who serve military service members and their families. Under Morrison’s leadership, PsychArmor flourished and is now widely recognized as the trusted and leading expert for “Best-in-Class” resources regarding the understanding of and solutions to complex and unique military veteran issues.

Marjorie’s focus on supporting members of the military and their communities was first developed in the field after she spent years writing and implementing a revolutionary proactive counseling program for the U.S. Marines. This implementation research was utilized to create a groundbreaking solution to approach military mental health care.

Morrison is a CA Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, a CA Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, a PPS-credentialed School Psychologist, and the author of The Inside Battle: Our Military Mental Health Crisis. As a renowned subject matter expert, she has been featured numerous times by national media giants such as BBC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, and NPR, along with being a contributing writer for multiple outlets including TIME, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, and Huffington Post. Morrison has received numerous awards for her advocacy and leadership. She is a native of California who currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and is the mother of three adult children: Jacob, Lindsey, and Charlie.

Marjorie is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. Please contact [email protected] with opportunities.