Nina Alag Suri

Founder & CEO, X0PA AI

Entrepreneur for 21 years∙ A geek at heart and an entrepreneur by choice! Electronics Engineering professional started her career in Sales and Marketing with ICIM (ICL) in India and then became an entrepreneur in 1997 with launch of Nastrac Group, a global executive search firm. One exit, a management buyout, two acquisitions and one M&A are some rich experiences of her entrepreneurship journey. Founded X0PA AI in 2017 to disrupt our own traditional search business and pivot to a SAAS based AI, ML platform in 2017 to form X0PA AI.

  • Winner of: Female Business Personality of the year Singapore, 2016
  • The European Consultancy of the year 2016
  • Singapore-The European World Finance-Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2013
  • Notable SME 2013
  • SME of the Year 2014
  • Asia Pacific Brands Award 2014
  • Singapore Quality Medallion 2014