Piyush Peshwani

Co-Founder & CEO, OnGrid & eLockr

Piyush Peshwani is the co-founder and CEO at OnGrid and eLockr, India's leading trust platforms for background checks and verifications, instant KYC and onboarding APIs, and digital ex-employee credentials, serving over 2000+ organizations for their trust and accountability needs, and having completed over 50 million verifications. 

Before co-founding OnGrid and eLockr with his friend Vineet Bansal from their IIT Bombay days, Piyush was a part of the team that built and rolled out the Aadhaar platform, with close to 1.3 billion people enrolled, and millions of authentication and KYC transactions happening daily. Piyush is passionate about technology that creates a level-playing field for people to access opportunities and achieve upward mobility in society. 

Through eLockr, he envisions the creation of a modern working world where organizations issue digital credentials to people, that can be verified instantly with their electronic consent. Piyush has also advised the Government of India, World Bank, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Direct Benefits Transfer, Financial Inclusion, and Public Healthcare, as well as India's largest telecom player on faster customer acquisition through electronic KYC.