Pratima Gupta

HR Head India, Sequoia

With a career spanning over two dynamic decades, Pratima Gupta embodies the essence of inspirational leadership. As the current HR Head India at Sequoia, a Total People Investment company, Pratima's journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence.

In her role at Sequoia, Pratima leads the People Team with a vision that extends far beyond traditional HR. Her mission? To transform organizations through the power of human capital. Pratima is on a relentless quest to enhance employee retention, attract the brightest minds, and elevate the return on investment in people.

Before her remarkable tenure at Sequoia, Pratima held pivotal positions at Huawei Technologies India, where she left an indelible mark in Talent Management, HRBP roles, and departmental RnD leadership. Her innovative approach and dedication were instrumental in driving success and growth.

Pratima's educational journey is a beacon of lifelong learning. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electronics and Communications Engineering, an Executive Certificate in Leadership and Strategic Management from Jack Welch Management Institute, and an MBA in Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration from Symbiosis Pune. Pratima's pursuit of knowledge extends beyond the traditional classroom, with proficiency courses from IISc in Cross Cultural Communication and certifications such as "Bringing Solutions not Problems" and "Design Thinking Mastery."

Pratima Gupta is not just a leader; she's an inspiration. Her story exemplifies the limitless possibilities that come with dedication, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. Pratima is proof that with passion and purpose, one can achieve greatness.

Join us in celebrating Pratima's journey at the SHRM annual conference, where her insights and wisdom will undoubtedly inspire and motivate us all to reach new heights in our own careers and endeavors.