Rahul Kalidindi

CEO, Akrivia

Rahul is the Chief Executive Officer of Akrivia, a cloud-based HCM Product company headquartered in Visakhapatnam, India. Over the last seven years, Akrivia has focused on its mission to deliver widely deployable, enterprise-grade HRMS software.

As a tech entrepreneur and an alumnus of the prestigious UC Berkeley College of Engineering, Rahul brings vigorous industry experience to Akrivia. He is passionate about the augmentation of human tasks by intelligence systems by empowering human resource (HR) professionals worldwide with cloud-based HR solutions embedding data insights and analytics into HR. The idea first came about when he saw a need for a solution in the HCM technology space and decided to fill the gap.

He envisions Akrivia as a game-changing technology reinventing organizations to become responsive to unpredictable business challenges with its new-age predictive HRMS solution. As a champion of digitization, he has spearheaded the mission to provide a comprehensive ‘hire-to-retire’ suite enabling HR to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to Human Resource Management and to build cutting-edge analytics and software solutions that will help global companies manage and get insights to help their HR design for data-informed workforce planning strategies.

A keen observant of business and social challenges makes Rahul a fierce leader - he’s known to put in the work and rally his team to bring big ideas to life.