Ranjan Kumar

Chief Learning Officer, Akrivia HCM

Ranjan Kumar is the Chief Learning Officer of AKRIVIA HCM - A Multinational Human Capital Management Software Company, is an Amazon Bestselling Author, Transformational Life Coach, Professional Speaker and a Corporate Trainer.

As an expert in Training and Development for over 10 years, he brings his insights into adoption of technology to create an engaging and learning experience for employees.
He also is a World Expert on Authentic Influence helping Experts create deep impact through their work. As an Executive Coach he specializes in the training and development of individuals and organization on Authentic Self Leadership.

Certified as a National Trainer from JCI India, he is also certified from American TESOL and London College of Business Sciences with an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching from Achology - Scotland and Evercoach (Mindvalley) – Malaysia.

He has been awarded as The Iconic Trainer of the year in 2021 by Junior Chamber International – India and also was awarded as the Top Outstanding National Trainer for the National Train-the-Trainer Seminar- South Batch 2015.

In his long career in training and development, he has served a slew of organizations and trained clients of Insurance Industry, Diamond Manufacturers,
Board of Directors of Colleges, Marketing Groups, Members of Chamber of Commerce, Members of Quality Circle Forum of India, Faculty of Engineering Colleges, and has personally touched lives of over 50 Thousand individuals through his services.

He also draws upon his academic experience from working as Head of Training in over half-a-dozen Engineering Colleges across Odisha and Andhra Pradesh and has travelled across the country speaking and training.

His four books which include ‘Hit your restart button, You 2.0 – A Crash Course In Personal Reinvention, Crack The Creation Code, and Be More Of Who You Are form a complete package of personal transformation kit – the inside-out way.