Sampada Inamdar

VP & Dean Anand U, Anand Group

Sampada Inamdar is an ICF Certified Executive Coach. Along with this, she is also a Certified OD Practitioner & Psychometrician. Overall, she has over 25 years of experience, and is currently working as the VP & Chief Learning Officer at Anand Group India. With a certification in Design Thinking, and a thorough experience in facilitative programs across organizations, cultures and levels, she currently leads the Corporate University into talent development interventions for driving organizational effectiveness. Sampada develops and drives leadership development strategy at all levels of the hierarchy to enable growth strategy and culture. 

Being an Executive Coach for fast-track talent, she leads people and brings about transformative changes. Sampada also leads and managed various assessment practices related to leadership development, talent and succession planning. Along with this, she grooms talent pipelines across all hierarchies, for all 19 JVs, and transition and senior roles. She aims to establish and revamp competency development frameworks and interventions linking to career and succession planning, and aligns long duration skill development interventions for work focre across junior, mid and senir management and shopfloor employees. 

She steers many facilitative long duration programs across the organization locations and levels via via techno-structural interventions for HR processes, policies, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard and Compensation systems. She has designed and institutionalized creative approaches to long duration leadership interventions for grooming business leaders and technocrats via Indian and International Interventions. 

Sampada specializes in Organization Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Facilitating Change, Organization Restructuring, Employee Engagement, Career & Succession Mapping, Research and Analytics and Psychometrics. She is a Balanced Scorecard Professional and has trained in Position Evaluations by Mercers India as well as Business Process Re-engineering.