Dr. Jawahar Shah

Global Homeopath MD Homeopathy. PG. London.

✔️ Clinician with 45 years of clinical experience
✔️  Academician having lectured over 500 times in over 25 countries in last 30 years
✔️ Successfully conducting Webinars in over 108 countries for quality & digital education to Homeopaths & Naturopaths
✔️ Technocrat having launched and providing softwares in over 140 countries for quality prescriptions and used by over 150K homeopaths globally
✔️ Entrepreneur - Founder of Welcome Cure an online treatment and health maintenance portal with a user base of over 2.5 Million Patients in over 36 countries
✔️ Philanthropist- distributed immunity kits during COVID as per AYUSH Ministry guidelines which has benefitted over 1.5 million people with good health and immunity.
✔️ Has been on the task-force of the Govt to fight the COVID Pandemic
✔️ Widely and regularly covered by both domestic and international media for his work in the field of Health, Homeopathy & Health Technology