Mukul Jain

Founder & CEO, HONO

A disruptive innovator & entrepreneur at heart, Mukul occupies the seat of CEO, where he spearheads the organization’s strategy and growth. He founded the organization with the passion for enabling employees, increasing their productivity and bringing happiness to the workplace – with technology that makes their lives simpler in today’s complex and highly dynamic workplace.

True to this vision, HONO today has emerged as a leading #HRTech Company playing a critical role in defining the employee experience, globally!

HONO has a portfolio of 300+ Clients, across 14 Countries servicing over a million employees.

He brings to the table his well-rounded and visionary leadership, backed by 2 decades of senior leadership experience across HR, Accounting, SCM, CRM and IT industries.

Mukul aims at helping the customers accelerate their business, particularly driving business through people supported by technology & innovation.

Armed with his dedication to provide the best client service, he is on a mission to engage and empower employees and Leaders leading to successful organization transformations!